The Day Before mods doubt the game is even real

day before mods doubt the game is even real character with a shotgun

day before mods doubt the game is even real character with a shotgun

As soon as The Day Before trailer dropped, it had the internet abuzz with noise. What was this gorgeous zombie survival game nobody had heard of? Wait, it's out soon? But, seeing as we only got glimpses of the game, some had concerns how far along in development the game actually is, but judging from what some individuals close to the dev team say, it could all end in disaster.

Brought to our attention by a tweet from YouTuber Skill Up, it seems that even the Discord mod for The Day Before now, known as 'Wholf', doubts the game is even real. "Those who wonder if the game is real, I'm wondering the same right now as well," Wholf says on the game's Discord channel.

He also follows up with the shocking fact that "nobody saw the gameplay." Wholf is, of course, referring to the fact that nobody in the mod team has even seen behind-closed-doors gameplay of The Day Before.

If the mod team are joking about not having seen gameplay, it is not a good sign. Especially as Wholf was the mod who just weeks ago announced that "after careful consideration and discussions with our leadership team" they would be releasing raw gameplay footage in January.

This comes after recent controversies surrounding the zombie game, when it was announced that the creators of The Day Before failed to trademark the game and then delayed its release until November 2023.

Is the game real? At this point, anything could be possible, but the evidence we have suggests that it really isn't looking good. Could it be that The Day Before was just a tech demo that gained more traction than expected, forcing the devs to go into overdrive?

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