Gory Texas Chain Saw Massacre game is launching on Xbox Game Pass

Leatherface and The Family from the Texas Chain Saw Massacre video game

Leatherface and The Family from the Texas Chain Saw Massacre video game

Gun Interactive and Sumo Digital’s upcoming asynchronous multiplayer slasher game Texas Chain Saw Massacre is going to be a Day One addition to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service.

Based on the iconic and controversial 1974 Tobe Hooper horror movie of the same name, Sumo Digital’s upcoming title puts a series of teens against the terrifying and dangerous Leatherface and his family. 

Releasing this August, the new horror game is expected to release as a half-price title on console and PC. However, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to play the game at no additional charge on console and PC.

Announced on the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account, Texas Chain Saw Massacre will release on Xbox Game Pass day-and-date with the paid version of the game on other platforms.

Published by Gun Interactive, Sumo Digital’s new asymmetric horror game is a spiritual successor to Gun’s previous Friday the 13th game. Itself inspired by Dead by Daylight, the title was removed from sale due to rights issues surrounding the 80s slasher series.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre doesn’t just put a series of a survivors against a single killer. Instead, the game’s matches are a 3-versus-4 affair, forcing four survivors to battle against the bloodthirsty serial killer family.

From previous footage released online, the horror multiplayer game looks to be a fantastic adaptation of Tobe Hooper’s original movie. While we can’t imagine Hooper wanted anyone to play as the sadistic family back in the 1970s, it does appear to be the most accurate adaptation yet.

Furthermore, the iconic slasher series has become far less popular than its 80s counterparts in modern years. Following a series of poor-quality prequels and reboots, the iconic Leatherface has become more of a crossover character for games such as Mortal Kombat than a terrifying foe. Perhaps this upcoming game will restore the character’s haunting reputation within the modern zeitgeist.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre releases on Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and PC on August 18th 2023.

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