Tetris and 7-Eleven Team-Up to Make a Slurpee Gaming Handheld

tetris 7-eleven cool slurpee handheld
Credit: Tetris/7-Eleven

tetris 7-eleven cool slurpee handheld
Credit: Tetris/7-Eleven


  • Tetris and 7-Eleven have announced a Slurpee handheld that plays, well, Tetris
  • This handheld will run on three AAA batteries or a USB-C cable
  • It's like the McNugget Tetris handheld, but with color

Tetris and 7-Eleven have announced a new collaboration with all kinds of merchandise, including a rad-looking handheld that plays this classic puzzle game. It’s always fascinating to see promotional handheld devices like this, given how they’re destined to be niche products that may or may not sell well.

On the official 7-Eleven website (via VGC), the handheld is listed with all kinds of merchandise, including hats and shirts, though most gamers will fix their eye on this. Fans will have to cough up $30 to pick this up, which is a bit much for a machine that plays one game, but the cool design will draw in fans.

Seeing this Slurpee-shaped handheld have a Tetris game of all things is pretty crazy and wasn’t in our 2024 BINGO cards, that’s for sure. Admittedly, this isn’t the first time a ridiculous restaurant handheld could play the game, McDonald’s did this previously, but it's weird that this happened.

What makes this handheld an improvement over the McNugget handheld is that this one actually has the game in color, at least it does in the previews. Making this handheld more interesting is that there’s a switch that can bring out the drink’s iconic colors in its shape. It also needs three AAA batteries to run or a USB-C cable, none of which come with the handheld.

Only time will tell if fans will pay $30 to play Tetris on one device, especially since they could use that money for other games or even food. However, we also wouldn’t be too surprised if scalpers try and get their hands on this, since they always want to be ahead with these devices.

If this device isn’t up to snuff for you, Tetris is readily available on a number of current-gen gaming devices. Tetris Effect, a gorgeous version of the game with sublime music, is on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Retro fans can also play the Game Boy version of Tetris if they have a Switch Online account.

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