Tesla self-driving AI swerves towards crowd in viral video

In recent months, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has described the Tesla self-driving AI as “not great”. If a new viral video is to be believed, Musk's relaxed statement about Tesla's full self-driving systems can only be considered an understatement.

Last month, the quirks of Tesla’s full self-driving system were humorous at best. Amid the system’s hype, videos spread showing the system being confused by the moon while driving. Now, the system has been shown moving towards humans.

Tesla self-driving AI almost hits crowd

In a YouTube video by HyperChange, the Tesla FSD is very far from perfect. The video shows the car driving down a straight road. While the GPS shows that the car was set to continue down a straight road, the Tesla AI made a different choice.

Upon reaching a crossing, the car doesn't keep its forward path. Instead, the car turns to the right, banking towards a crowd of pedestrians. Thankfully, the driver was paying enough attention to quickly maneuverer the car away from the crowd.

After moving the car away from the crowd, the YouTuber quickly ends the video. He said: “Damn. Alright, that's a wrap for today. Not perfect. A big improvement though, but not perfect.”

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The video is being removed

After the video was spread onto social media, the video was quickly removed. Shared on Twitter by Taylor Ogan, the clip now says: “This media has been disabled in response to a report by the copyright owner”. Furthermore, on YouTube, the initial video has since been made private. However, this has not stopped other creators’ videos.

While not as bad as moving towards people, other videos are showing the flaws of Tesla self-driving AI. A video by YouTuber Kim Paquette shows her Tesla’s FSD software attempting to move into moving traffic. She responds, “I don't know what you guys think I should do different, but I am not gonna let my car turn into traffic”.

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