Terraria sells so much devs can't work on anything else

Terrria sells too much and team can't work on anything else eye in the sky

Terrria sells too much and team can't work on anything else eye in the sky

Sometimes it is hard to let go. That's apparently the problem with Terraria, the indie game which should have received a final update in 2020 but, three years later, is still going. While the team would like to move on to other projects, the game is still selling too well to be abandoned.

That's according to a statement made by Re-logic founder Andrew Spinks in a statement on his, since deleted, social media account. "After 12 years the game still sells like hot cakes,” commented Spinks. “There is so much demand it makes it hard to move on”.

Indeed, the 2020 updated called "Journey's End" was supposed to be the final update, considering Terraria was first released in June of 2011. Then, the update was followed by another final one called "Journey’s Actual End". Since then, several other projects were announced, like a crossover with Don't Starve.

Finally, in 2022 another update, "The Labor of Love" also landed. The team had indeed been kept too busy to be able to work on other projects and with the 1.4.5 update coming, history might indeed repeat itself once again.

Ever since its 2011 release, Terraria has been one of the best selling games ever, going on to be the first indie game to sell more than a million copies on Steam. Since then it also graced almost every platform under the sun, from the PlayStation Vita to smartphones and even Google Stadia.

Talking with PC Gamer Ted Murphy, head of business strategy and marketing, also mentioned how the 1.5 patch (in 2015) was originally planned to be the final one but the team had too many original and interesting ideas to leave Terraria behind. Murphy himself is not sure of when the real final update to the game will actually be published.

Indeed, with Terraria the good ol' saying "too much of a good thing" seems to not be applicable. So, we won't be surprised if we see more of the game in the future. Like the board game, which is slated to be released in 2024...

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