Terminator Survivors Could Be the Alien Isolation Successor We Need

Terminator robot on fire above a character in Terminator Survivors key art
Credit: Nacon

Terminator robot on fire above a character in Terminator Survivors key art
Credit: Nacon


  • Nacon has confirmed more details on its upcoming open-world survival game, Terminator Survivors
  • Players will be hunted down by an unstoppable T-800 unit, with a world set in 2009 after the events of Judgement Day
  • The game will also be single-player or cooperative with up to three of your friends, no live-service elements here

Considering the amazing world of Terminator is full of great things, from the lore to the timeline-breaking story, it's a surprise there's a major lack of interesting Terminator videogame ideas. However, Nacon is introducing a survival-focused game for the franchise, called Terminator Survivors, and it has an interesting mechanic that many Alien Isolation fans will enjoy.

Announced earlier this year with a brief trailer, Terminator Survivors is releasing on PC in October, with an early access period that will see the game get plenty of updates before launching on consoles. Ahead of launch, Nacon is providing intrigued fans information about the open-world survival game, including one horrifying element - a merciless T-800 that will hunt you down.

Confirmed via a Steam community post, there will be a single T-800 that will hunt you down while you fight to survive. While this is mostly done to fit the lore of the series, with the game set in 2009 shortly after the events of Judgement Day, Nacon wanted a single antagonistic threat that will constantly put you on edge.

While it's not an exact 1:1 of the Xenomorph found in Alien Isolation, the looming threat of a single unstoppable force is very similar. The T-800 can't be killed, according to Nacon, and having that fear of losing all of your progress while playing the game sounds terrifying.

In the same blog post, Nacon also confirmed some other details about the game. Thankfully, it won't be a live-service title, with the game offering a lore-friendly and original narrative to the franchise. You can play in either single-player, including an offline mode, or co-op with up to three friends. Additionally, it's only PvE, with Nacon stating there's "no plans for a player versus player mode."

If you're excited to play the next Terminator game, you may want to do two things; firstly, grab one of the best graphics cards, as Terminator Survivors will be in Unreal Engine 5. And secondly, Nacon is planning a private playtest for lucky users, so make sure to follow the Steam page for details in the future.

We're excited to see what Terminator Survivors offers to the franchise, and hopefully, it can provide that absolute dread of being hunted down by a futuristic cyborg well.

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