Tekken 8 director says you won't get anything from threatening devs

tekken 8 director says you wont get anything from threatening devs
Credit: Bandai Namco

tekken 8 director says you wont get anything from threatening devs
Credit: Bandai Namco

The upcoming release of Tekken 8 will bring back a number of classic characters to the fighting game series. Unfortunately, toxic fans are still asking for more, threatening developers to add characters, stages and more.

Katsuhiro Harada, the infamous director of various Tekken games, detailed the issues that come with threatening devs for their favorite characters. Harada shared this thread after a fan threatened to hit him with a bat if Eddie Gordo isn’t included in the latest installment.

According to Harada, security of fighting game events get tighter when threats like this happen. Increased security can lead to more money being spent and making players uncomfortable. Harada even said that he was asked to cancel his appearances just to be safe.

The Tekken 8 director also said threats like these will make it even less likely for your favorite to appear. Various members of these companies don’t like being threatened and threats like these could lead to your favorite not being included at all. If Eddie doesn’t get added to the game, now you know who to blame.

Harada details the consequences of "fans" sending death threats to devs.
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Credit: Katsuhiro Harada (Twitter)

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen developers get threatened over the fate of fictional characters. However, this is the first time we’ve seen a developer break down how these threats are managed and it's fascinating, to say the least.

Fighting games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would often get threats if a DLC character wasn’t to a fan’s liking. To this day, we still see fans demand for Waluigi in both joke-y and toxic ways. Sometimes you can’t tell the difference and that’s a bad thing.

On the bright side, seeing Harada own his haters is always a good time. We previously saw him mock the French President for blaming riots on video games, which was great. The man is fairly active on social media and his owns happen on the regular.

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Tekken 8 currently doesn’t have a release date yet, though the game has had a Closed Network test. Expect this fighter to show up on current-gen systems and PC in the future.

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