Tears of the Kingdom’s Purah shreds it up in Tony Hawk game

tears of the kingdom purah shreds up in tony hawk game

tears of the kingdom purah shreds up in tony hawk game

Fan-favorite Tears of the Kingdom character Purah is now in Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 via PC mods, because why not? The modding scene for these games is still incredibly active years after release, and the introduction of beloved Nintendo characters is still awesome.

Nintendo and skateboarding fans found out about the character’s addition on Twitter where user @KazuCrash_ shared their mod of Purah ripping it up on her board. It’s fascinating seeing a newer character with a much older visual style, especially since this game was supposed to be “realistic” at the time.

Seeing Purah in a skating game is surreal but somewhat appropriate since Tears of the Kingdom does let players skateboard with their shields. Granted, Purah isn’t a playable character in the game but we wouldn’t be surprised if more Zelda characters are modded in. Honestly, this makes us sad that the Tony Hawk remake didn’t add them to the game's surprisingly solid Switch port.

Those who played Breath of the Wild but haven’t touched the sequel are probably wondering why Purah is an adult now. Without spoiling the game, several years have passed since the first BOTW and everyone has aged, somewhat. As we can all see, Purah has aged really well and fans can easily see fanart of her.

It is fun to see a game like Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 still get modded like this but we’re not too surprised. Games like these can be replayed to infinity and mods only make these titles more appealing to PC fans. Expect more of these in the future, if they haven’t been made already, since the modding community works fast.

Despite her popularity, Purah doesn’t play a huge role in Tears of the Kingdom, though that clearly didn’t bother her already huge fanbase. We can’t exactly blame fans for already calling her the game’s best girl since her design is a great one.

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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is now available on the Nintendo Switch.

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