System Shock Remake VR might be the coolest VR game yet

System Shock Remake VR enemy wearing a meta quest 3 headset

System Shock Remake VR enemy wearing a meta quest 3 headset

Greetings, Hacker, System Shock Remake VR is on the way thanks to an incredible mod for the game’s PC version. If Citadel Station wasn’t scary enough on flat-screen, maybe this version will creep you out.

System Shock Remake VR isn’t a standalone release or mod. Instead, it’s a part of Praydog’s brilliant Unreal Engine VR conversion tools. UEVR allows any Unreal Engine 4 game to be playable in virtual reality with full locomotion and motion controls.

Shared on Twitter by Flat2VR, footage of the upcoming mod shows the player wandering around the opening area of Citadel Station. The short clip doesn’t show much action, but shows the player being able to move freely in real life with that motion being replicated in game.

Unlike prior VR conversions, the player model in UEVR now properly follows you as you move, instead of the camera simply clipping through your player model. This improvement also means that you’ll be able to physically dodge bullets as well as make use of cover.

In the footage, the System Shock Remake VR conversion does still have some issues. For example, the player camera can still clip image of objects — an issue with many VR titles — and there’s little movement for the player’s weapon arm. Nevertheless, for a conversion that doesn’t require years of work for one project, this is an awesome new release.

Praydog’s Unreal Engine VR tool is scheduled to release by the end of this year. While not all Unreal Engine games will play well with the tool, hundreds of new VR games will soon be playable on PC.

Whether you’re using a Meta Quest 3 or any of the best VR headsets, you’ll be able to make use of the mod, if you have a powerful enough PC. Praydog’s mod tools may not hold a candle to developer-designed VR games, but it may be the best option for hundreds of games.

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