System Shock Remake sells above expectations, breaking series curse

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System Shock Remake sells above expectations, breaking series curse robot with guns

Who says we don't need remake? Especially when the remake in question is being made by a studio who understands the source material and can do it justice. That definitely seems to be the case with Nightdive Studio and their System Shock Remake, which is selling way above expectations. Is the curse of the low sales of the Shock series finally broken?

During its first week of release on Steam, the System Shock remake has managed to sell approximately 80.000 copies, according to Gamesensor.

Not only that, the game has also managed to be a critical success as well. Currently, the immersive sim game boasts a “Very Positive” critical status, proving that fans are having a great time.

Let's not forget that the game was originally kickstarted back in 2016, managing to raise $1.3 million on a target of $900,000. While the game definitely took time to reach stores, the wait seems to have been worth it for fans of the original.

It is worth nothing that the original game, while being a darling of the critics, never went on to reach great sales. The original System Shock apparently sold short of 200,000 copies, which was a moderate commercial success for 1994, but developer Looking Glass Studios failed to turn a profit.

Something similar also happened with the sequel, System Shock 2, another critical darling but a commercial failure. If Ken Levine’s Bioshock is considered part of the overall "Shock family", then perhaps we should call that game the first real commercial success of the series.

Still, Nightdive Studio has proven with the success of their System Shock remake that the game still has plenty of fans who couldn't wait to go back on Citadel Station. With the studio proving again and again that they have what it takes to create a standout remake, we can’t wait to see what they do next. Did somebody say Quake II?

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