System Shock remake devs want to make the first Tool video game

System Shock remake devs want to make their next game with Tool System shock AI with skull fetus

System Shock remake devs want to make their next game with Tool System shock AI with skull fetus

Have you been waiting for a new System Shock title for forty six and two years? Probably not, but that's just one of many Tool references that System Shock remake devs, Nightdive Studios, seem to go crazy about. So much so that studio head Stephen Kick is willing to make the metal band’s first ever video game.

Before the recent release of the System Shock remake, Nightdive Studios had been cutting their teeth on other interesting projects. They first brought back from the past obscure cockroach adventure Bad Mojo, and then went on to grander things with Powerslave Exhumed and the Blade Runner remaster.

Still, studio head Steven Kick took to Twitter to express - once more - his love for prog metal band Tool. The band, active since 1993, represents something of a cult between its fans, amidst obvious phallic references, Fibonacci-sequence songwriting and made-up philosophies such as "Lacrimology".

"[I] would love to make a game with those guys someday" said Steven Kick on Twitter in reference to a Tool easter egg right in the first minutes of the new System Shock Remake. Twitter users seem to agree that it would be a great idea but "only if delivered with three simultaneous time signatures" to replicate the band's love for polyrhythms.

The Los Angeles band has never really dabbled much into games, as opposed to fellow alternative-radio darling Nine Inch Nails. (Don’t forget all those KISS games!) In the 90s, Tool made a name for themselves thanks to their weird and disqueting puppet-starring music videos which became hits on MTV.

While there is already a self-declared "Tool-inspired" game in development, Exit Veil, we would definitely be quite curious to see what Nightdive Studios could make by collaborating directly with the band. We will be keeping our third eye well open for any news in the future.

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