Switch 2 reportedly launching with 8-inch LCD screen

switch 2 launching with 8-inch lcd screen
Credit: Nintendo

switch 2 launching with 8-inch lcd screen
Credit: Nintendo

Nintendo Switch 2 rumours continue to heat up, as recent reports have suggested that we’re getting the successor this year and it will have an 8-inch LCD screen. While fans should take this with a grain of salt, the source is more legitimate than most and it definitely has people talking.

Bloomberg reports that the Switch successor might actually come out this year, with an LCD screen larger than the current Switch OLED model. The source of this news comes from Hiroshi Hayase, an Omdia analyst who conducts research on company supply chains, so there’s something there.

Details on the Switch 2 are still pretty vague and the report wasn’t confirmed by any Nintendo spokesperson, so fans should keep that in mind. Still, with numerous reports about the successor popping up, there’s a very good chance that we’ll get some news regarding this system soon.

The Nintendo Switch was released back in 2017 and changed handheld gaming forever by giving gamers portable console gaming. While the system is nowhere near as powerful as a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, let alone the current-gen consoles, this handheld/console hybrid ended up being a huge success. Considering how well-liked the system is, fans are interested in seeing how Nintendo will step up when the successor eventually comes out.

What makes the eventual release of the Switch 2 interesting is that the handheld landscape has changed a ton since the first system. Valve has since released the Steam Deck and Steam Deck OLED, which also led to a number of handheld PCs getting released, like the ASUS ROG Ally. Most fans won’t really care about its specs, as long as the game library ends up being as strong as the first system.

One thing fans are hoping to see in the Switch successor is backwards compatibility, which seems really likely. There have been hints of the current Switch Online service coming over to the successor, so we hope Nintendo listens.

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Nintendo Switch 2 might be coming out this year, if these reports are true.

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