Super Mario RPG Remake is a gorgeous revitalised SNES RPG

Super Mario RPG Remake - Mario, Princess Peach and Geno standing together ready for battle

Super Mario RPG Remake - Mario, Princess Peach and Geno standing together ready for battle

A Super Mario RPG remake is coming to your Nintendo Switch very soon. Announced during the latest Nintendo Direct, pre-orders have already opened on the Nintendo E-shop today. Well, we were teased a remake of a Super Nintendo classic...

Releasing this November, there's just a few months to wait to play a huge remake of Square Enix’s iconic SNES RPG.

The remake seems to go for a full-on isometric 3D style not entirely removed from what we've seen Nintendo already use for The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. The interface has been fully re-designed, making it much cleaner and easy to understand compared to its SNES original.

The original Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars came out for the Super Nintendo in 1996, being developed by both Square and Nintendo. It was the first time Super Mario was transported to the RPG genre, which then also inspired the classic Mario & Luigi RPG series by AlphaDream, along with the also classic Paper Mario series.

While the remake seems to be developed by Square Enix, it is also a collaboration with Nintendo, so at this stage it is unclear how much each company has been contributing on the project. We definitely know that Square Enix has been extra busy with remakes of their classic titles lately, since we've reported on both the Chrono Trigger and the Star Ocean 2 remakes coming soon.

Considering the experience of both companies involved, we are pretty sure that this remake is going to be extra faithful to the original, with just minor quality of life improvements, along with the graphic overhaul that fans are expecting.

Any fans of the original Super Mario RPG should definitely be on board for the remake and should jump on the ship in November, as soon as the game is revealed. But as soon as we have more information, we'll be sure to keep you updated.

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