Super Mario Odyssey remade in 2D NES style, and you can play it yourself

Super Mario Odyssey is viewed as the pinnacle of 3D Mario games. With vast, detailed worlds ready to explore, along with some pretty unique abilities and mechanics, Odyssey has fast become yet another beloved Super Mario title.

However, for many Super Mario fans, nothing quite beats the classic 2D style of the original Super Mario games.

Luckily for those missing the good ol' days of Mario, one YouTuber and developer has now created Super Mario Odyssey in the 2D style- and you can even play it yourself.

Super Mario Odyssey 2D

On April 7, the content creator TeddyRoseKidd released a video that demonstrated Super Mario Odyssey in the NES style.

The YouTuber was able to replicate Mario's Hat Throw, Ground Pound, Triple Jump, Dive, and many other unique abilities. This is an impressive feat itself, made even more remarkable as the game only uses the WASD and JK keys.

Taking you through the first section of the game, Super Mario Odyssey NES throws you into a 2D reimagining of Cap Kingdom after an opening cutscene with Bowser and Peach.

How to play Super Mario Odyssey NES

Aside from watching the above video, you can explore the 2D imagining of Super Mario Odyssey yourself.

The creator of this game included the file in his Google Drive, which you can access via the YouTube video.It's a simple .exe file so the game doesn't require too much hassle to run, either.

TeddyRoseKidd also challenged viewers to beat his developer record time of 1.32.23s for the Cap World level, stating: "If you do beat my time, please record it and send it to me because I would love to see the way that people actually create routes to complete the routes as fast as possible."

That's our weekend plans sorted, then.

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