Super Mario Bros movie broadcasted on Argentinian TV, infuriating Nintendo

Mario movie broadcasted on Argentinian TV and Nintendo is mad Mario hurt

Mario movie broadcasted on Argentinian TV and Nintendo is mad Mario hurt

Have you already seen the Super Mario Bros movie in theaters? Well, if you live in Argentina, you might have also seen it while sitting on your sofa as an Argentinian TV station has illegally broadcasted the Super Mario movie for everyone to watch comfortably at home.

The illegal stream has been first reported on Twitter by user ElBuni, being confirmed by several other replies from Argentinian users. Broadcaster for all on GenTV, the television channel released the full Super Mario Bros movie to the entire country.

This is not the first time that the television channel has streamed movies that are still on their theatrical runs. GenTV also did the very same thing with Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

We can definitely rule out this being an honest mistake. But if you're still having doubts, then a quick look at GenTV's Instagram page might definitely clear them up. Apparently, the station has been posting several memes about the event, one of those being a classic Avengers meme where Captain America says to Bruce Banner (with the face changed to GenTV's logo) that he heard "Mario passed by last night".

The TV station is certainly in afraid of broadcasting movies that are still being showed in theaters in their entirety. While GenTV seems to be laughing about the situation, those who are aware of Nintendo’s love of litigation know that the station might definitely change their laughs to tears pretty soon.

Still, considering the Super Mario Bros movie is being distributed by Universal, it might be up to the movie studio to reach out to GenTV and ask for clarifications.

We will wait and see what happens to the TV station, but If you're considering moving to Argentina just to watch pirated movies directly on television, then we will not judge. Even though that might be just a tad more expensive then even the priciest movie ticket around.

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