Suicide Squad is no longer playable on Steam Deck thanks to recent update

suicide squad update ruins steam deck play
Credit: Warner Bros.

suicide squad update ruins steam deck play
Credit: Warner Bros.


  • The latest Suicide Squad update has broken the game's Steam Deck compatibility
  • Rocksteady has acknowledged the issue and will attempt to fix the game
  • Steam Deck compatibility has been a major issue for multiplayer games

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was able to get some new life thanks to the Season 1 update, bring Joker to the looter shooter. However, the update has some significant issues, as the game is no longer playable on Steam Deck after the patch was applied.

The folks at Steam Deck HQ noticed that DC’s multiplayer shooter is no longer playable on Deck, despite having the “playable” verification. Deck players hoping to mess around with Joker in the game’s open-world will have to wait for an update or mess around with Proton settings to make the game work.

As to why Suicide Squad is no longer working on Deck, Rocksteady Lead Community Manager Cain told fans that the update messed with the game’s Easy Anticheat. While the devs don’t officially support Linux, they were hoping to make this shooter as painless as possible for those using Valve’s handheld.

It does seem like Rocksteady will be looking into the issue, as Cain has said that the team is looking into this issue. Hopefully, this means that the shooter will be working on the handheld PC again soon, since killing time with the game isn’t too bad.

Despite the reception Suicide Squad has received since launch, there was some excitement surrounding the game’s future. Joker is the first of many DLC characters, as the game makes use of the multiverse concept to get guest characters. It will be interesting to see who comes next, as the rumours have suggested fan-favorites like Deathstroke making an appearance.

Multiplayer games on Steam Deck can be tricky, as developers really want some form of Anticheat to, well, prevent any kind of cheating. EA is doing this with Battlefield V, as their next update will make the shooter unplayable on Valve’s handheld, which is disappointing. These devs really need to find a compromise, since fans do use this handheld for multiplayer game sessions.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is now available on PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.

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