Is Substack Down Today, 4/9 2024? Server Status Explained

substack down today 4/9 2024 server status update
Credit: Substack

substack down today 4/9 2024 server status update
Credit: Substack


  • Substack was down for maintenance
  • It took several hours but the website is up and running
  • Maintenance is normal for all websites

Substack continues to have a major presence online as an online platform that lets users make their own website, blog, and so much more. However, anyone using the service need not worry, as the maintenance will go much quicker than expected. In fact, some users might not even have noticed it.

On the Substack Status Twitter account, maintenance was announced and took place for a little over an hour with various fixes made. These updates were necessary so that the website can continue to be a good place for those dedicated users.

Due to the amount of options presented to users, it’s easy to see why the Substack maintenance happened in the first place. Although it didn’t take too long, the site being down was an annoyance to plenty of users who needed it for various activities. That’s just the reality of modern day technology, as plenty of people now work from home and online.

Users will be happy to know that the Substack maintenance has finished already, so those who are down on it being, well, down shouldn’t worry. Anyone working on their blog, website, finances, or other aspects of the service should be able to use it again without much issue, at least for now.

Maintenance is expected for pretty much any website, let alone one that allows users to make their own blogs or podcasts. It’s good to know that this one didn’t take too long, as users can now go back to their business, whatever they are.

Whenever a website goes down, users tend to panic since their work, livelihood, or more are affected, showing how much we rely on the internet. Substack is no different, as numerous users do rely on the site for income, work, and everything else in between.

Users who haven’t tried it yet can sign up to Substack whenever they want, assuming they have ideas to work on. They might experience some downtime once in a while, but that’s normal with pretty much every website available.

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