Stunning Fable gameplay was running natively on Xbox Series X

Fable gameplay running on Xbox Series X hardware

Fable gameplay running on Xbox Series X hardware

Microsoft’s in-game reveal for its Xbox exclusive RPG Fable left many fans scratching their heads. While the in-game demonstration certainly fit the vibe I the franchise, many were concerned whether or not the game will actually look the way it was shown.

However, it turns out that the game’s showing at the Xbox Showcase was not only an in-game demonstration, but a demonstration running on Xbox Series X, not PC.

Playground Games’ Lead Lighting Artist on Fable, Lukas Koelz took to Twitter to explain that the game was running natively on Xbox console hardware. Responding to a fan asking if the showcase’s impressive graphics were running on actual hardware, Koelz revealed that it was in fact running on Microsoft’s powerful console.

Xbox has been under pressure recently for its reveal of new Xbox exclusive games on PC hardware instead of console. Even back in 2020, the console manufacturer showed footage of its flagship title Halo Infinite on PC instead of its new console.

Recently, the console brand came under fire for the release of the atrocious exclusive Redfall. Despite its myriad problems, many were also upset at the game’s 60fps PC preview footage in early advertising compared to the 30fps available on console.

While Playground Games still hasn’t shown much actual gameplay for Fable, the game is shaping up nicely on Xbox Series X. The recent showing boasted gorgeous expanses of foliage and greenery, realistic (but still stylised) faces and impressive image quality. It’s a truly next-gen experience.

Playground Games’ Fable also appears to be far more cinematic than previous entries in the series. From the brief snippets of real gameplay we’ve seen, you’ll fight werewolves, run away from a giant Richard Ayoade and even battle a humongous pumpkin. It’s really delving deep into actual fables in this rebooted Albion.

Fable doesn’t currently have a release date, but it will launch on Xbox Series X, S and PC.

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