Stranger Things VR lets you play as villain Vecna on all major headsets

stranger-things-vr Vecna looking at the camera

stranger-things-vr Vecna looking at the camera

Virtually venture into the upside down with Stranger Things VR. In a wild new entry in the Netflix multimedia franchise, this new tie-in video game will see you play as the series’ latest villain: Vecna.

Releasing on “major virtual reality platforms”, the simply titled Stranger Things VR game focuses on psychological horror. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to play until a tentative “Winter 2023”.

In the game, you’ll play as Stranger Things season 4 villain Vecna. The story focuses on the character’s journey through the upside down, creating the Demigorgon hivemind and enacting revenge on Hawkins.

As part of your revenge, you’ll invade the dreams of fan favourite characters from the series. This means that you might be able to see exactly what was plaguing the dreams of Season 4 favourite Chrissy Cunningham.

Stranger Things VR is being developed by brilliant VR studio Tender Claws. Known for the fantastic virtual reality experience The Tempest, the studio has a pedigree for crafting VR stories.

In a statement, studio directors Samantha Gorman and Danny Cannizzaro said:

“We are awed that we get to live within the Stranger Things universe and dive into the rich inner worlds of its characters through Tender Claws’ unique approach to nested worlds and immersive dreamscapes. As fans, we want this game to be very special and we are energized by the support and enthusiasm we’ve received from Netflix and the Stranger Things creative team.”

There’s currently no release date for the fifth and final season of Netflix’s hit show. However, there is a chance that this new VR title will include some hints towards the series’ future.

While not confirmed, the VR spin-off should release on PC, Android headsets and PlayStation. With PlayStation VR 2 releasing early next year, PlayStation 5 gamers will be able to experience the new story. Will it release on the original PSVR as well?

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