Stranger Things VR delayed on Quest, but still launches ‘very’ soon

stranger things vr cover art

stranger things vr cover art

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The Stranger Things VR experience is something that both fans of the Netflix series and owners of Meta Quest headsets have been eagerly awaiting for its previously revealed November 30 launch. Sadly, the new VR game has been hit with a delay, and no concrete new release date.

This unfortunate news broke via a post on X from Tender Claws, the developers, and stated that “alongside Meta and Netflix” the decision was made to delay the game for the time being.

While the statement doesn’t reveal too much as to why the delay has occurred, it does allude to the fact that it will allow for “extra time to squash any remaining demo-bats”, likely meaning it’s simply too buggy of an experience to release as of now.

This comes as a bit of a surprise considering the news of the adjusted launch comes around one week away from the expected release, kind of killing the built up excitement. But, with Tender Claws having a solid background in the VR space developing both Virtual Virtual Reality and The Under Presents, it should be a polished package when it does launch.

Fans of VR gaming have praised the delay following the launch of the aforementioned Virtual Virtual Reality game. While the meta-comedy VR game was a great title, it launched in an unfortunately buggy state.

As previously stated, there is no new release date for Stranger Things VR. Instead, the best we’ve got to work off is that one will come in the “very near future”. All we can hope is that it is this side of Christmas, or even 2023 for that matter.

Eleven in Stranger Things VR in the red hellscape of the upside down
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The game however still sounds like it could be worth the wait as you would be experiencing the upside down through the eyes of Mr. Tentacles himself, Vecna. You will be able to invade the minds of Hawkins’ residents alongside some of the series’ most beloved characters.

There’s also expected to be tidbits of lore as to how Henry Creel’s transformation into Vecna influenced a variety of events in the earlier seasons of the show, something that was skipped over somewhat in the big reveal.

If or when we get an updated release date for Stranger Things VR, we’ll be sure to update you with the latest information.

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