Stranger Things’ Chrissy actress quits acting for Twitch after producers asked for sexual favours

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Stranger Things’ Chrissy actress quits acting for Twitch after producers asked for sexual favours

The actress for Chrissy Cunningham in Stranger Things has revealed that she will no longer focus on her acting career due to rampant sexual harassment from producers.

Grace Van Dien quickly became a beloved part of the Stranger Things series for her short-but-integral part in the show’s fourth season. Following a huge internet craze surrounding the “Chrissy Wake Up” phrase, Van Dien quickly amassed a huge following.

In a clip on her Twitch channel, Van Dien revealed that she has been repeatedly turning down acting projects due to harassment in the industry. The Stranger Things actress stated that she had been asked to perform sexual favours for roles numerous times.

“I’ve been turning down acting projects and deciding to stream more,” the actress said. “But the fact of the matter is the last few projects I’ve worked on… I didn’t have the best experiences.” 

“One of the last movies I did, one of the producers asked me to, like he, hired a girl he was sleeping with and then he asked her to ask me to have threesome with them. So like, that’s my boss.”

At the time of writing, Van Dien has garnered a huge Twitch following on her channel BlueFille. The Stranger Things actress has amassed over 290,000 followers watching her stream video games such as Valorant.

Rampant sexual harassment in Hollywood has been a poorly kept secret for decades. In recent years, Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein has been arrested for decades of harassment and abuse towards female movie stars. Recently, the producer had his prison sentence extended by another 16 years.


While Grace Van Dien was only a minor character in Stranger Things Season 4, she has already gathered a tightly-knit fanbase. If she returns to acting, or stays on Twitch, she’ll hopefully be supported by her fans. 

The Stranger Things actress currently has two more projects in post-production with no planned release dates. Two movies, The Fix and Aaah! Roach! are expected to release this year.

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