Steppenwolf banishment finally explained by Zack Snyder in hour-long panel

Despite being four hours long, Zack Snyder’s Justice League still didn't explain everything about its villain Steppenwolf. In comparison, the original cut of Justice League barely touches on the history of this fearsome foe. However, while Steppenwolf has far more backstory in the Snyder Cut, that backstory is still vague.

Thankfully, director Zack Snyder has clarified some of the character’s earlier off-screen actions. As part of last week's Justice Con celebrations, we finally have an explanation for the banishment of Steppenwolf. Knowing Darkseid, it's exactly what you'd expect.

Why is Steppenwolf banished in Justice League?

In Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Steppenwolf is banished from his home planet by Darkseid. Despite scenes discussing the character’s betrayal of Darkseid and his army, we’re never told explicitly what this ultimate betrayal is.

In an hour-long Justice League panel, Snyder explained that the character potentially hesitated while carrying out the will of Darkseid.

"I feel like there was a coup sometime -- a small coup attempt," Snyder told fans. "I don't know how involved Steppenwolf was. Personally, I don’t think he was like deeply involved or the kingpin, but certainly there might have been a negotiation that he was involved with. He slaughtered those [traitors]; he responded correctly, but in that small hesitation...I don't think Darkseid was down with the notion that there would even be a hesitation."
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In the comics, Darkseid is a merciless leader. While such a simple act of hesitation might be forgivable by some, it’s fitting that the DC villain would provide a gruelling punishment. Instead of a simple execution, Steppenwolf has to claim over 50,000 worlds in the name of Darkseid. As we see in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, he doesn't complete that goal.

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Future of Darkseid in the DCEU

The future of Darkseid in the DCEU is uncertain. While the plans for Zack Snyder’s Justice League trilogy are no longer going forward, the villain still has the opportunity to appear in other films. For example, Dwayne The Rock Johnson's Black Adam film is rumoured to at least reference the New Gods.

Selmy director Ava DuVernay is working on The New Gods for the DCEU. However, as DC's plans urge to move away from the SnyderVerse, this film’s existence is on rocky waters. The movie was to include Darkseid at some point, but will it be the same incarnation as in Justice League?

The New Gods is currently still in development, even if Warner Bros is staying quiet about the topic.

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