Stellaris Astral Planes expansion lets you explore the multiverse

A Stellaris captain looking at a multidimensional rift

A Stellaris captain looking at a multidimensional rift

If space strategy in one dimension was staring to bore you, Stellaris Astral Planes will let you pop into a few others. An all-new expansion for Paradox’s popular 4X space game, Stellaris is taking a multidimensional leap later this year.

According to the DLC’s recent announcement, Stellaris Astral Planes will add new “reality-breaking” stories and gameplay mechanics to the already deep 4X game. Alongside the typical exploration of strange new worlds, the expansion will let players explore parallel dimensions with their own new creatures, planets and lore.

The Stellaris Astral Planes expansion will focus entirely on “mid-to-late game content”. This includes the addition of 30 Astral Rifts which players can explore, each with their own branching narratives and unique user interfaces to make every universe feel distinct.

Of course, new content for the rest of the game will also be added. The expansion comes with the addition of an all-new Riftworld Origin as well as eight new Relics, four new Civics, Astral Threads and Astral Actions. Furthermore, three new music tracks from composer Andreas Waldetoft are included.

“Every adventure requires a step into the unknown,” reads the expansion’s synopsis. “Astral Planes offers you the chance to chart your own path, navigating an array of wonders and dangers alike. Travel through Rifts in space and time for a glimpse of strange, new realities. What will you discover, in a universe beyond limits?”

Stellaris Astral Planes launches alongside the eagerly awaited 3.10 'Pyxis' update. While unconfirmed at the time of writing, Pyxis is expected to merge Generals and Admirals into a Commander role, introduce Leader Consolidation and fix issues added in the game’s last update.

Paradox has made Stellaris Astral Planes available to wishlist on Steam right now. There’s currently no release date for the expansion at the time of writing, but it’s expected to launch before the end of the year.

Alongside the new Stellaris expansion, Paradox is readying up to release the next Europa Universalis IV expansion and its city builder Cities Skylines 2. The publisher recently parted ways with Battletech developer Harebrained Schemes, but will keep making money of its lovingly developed games.

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