Steam's new privacy options lets you hide all your smut from judgmental friends

steam will hide all of your smutty games
Credit: D3 Publisher

steam will hide all of your smutty games
Credit: D3 Publisher

Steam is home to a ton of smutty games, so much so that anyone thinking of getting these games don’t want anyone to know that they own them. Luckily, Valve has your back, as the company’s long-reported privacy features are now available for everyone to use, so you can finally buy Senran Kagura in peace.

After months of waiting, Valve announced that they have released their enhanced privacy protocols to all Steam users. This means you can now buy games and mark them as private right away, so no one will see you buy them. If by chance you already have Onee Chanbara ORIGIN on Steam, you can make that private so no one will see it in your library.

Perverts aren’t the only people who benefit from this update, as gamers can now gift games to multiple friends at once. That’s a quality-of-life feature fans have wanted for quite some time, so we’re more than thankful for this feature. Not as thankful as buying porn games quietly, but still pretty happy with the move.

To give these perverted devs a fair shake, they are trying to make quality video games that just happen to be porn. We’ve seen quality sidescrollers with great pixel visuals on Steam, that somehow also have explicit intercourse players can participate in. Of course, there’s also the visual novel porn that’s quite popular on Valve’s game service and we can’t blame fans for enjoying them.

Jokes aside, we’re not shaming anyone for enjoying these types of games, as gamers are allowed to do whatever they like with their money. This writer in particular is very excited about Stellar Blade and that’s not just for its gameplay, believe me. If you are a fan of these types of games, feel free to buy as many booby games as you want.

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Steam is available on most gaming PCs, so check the service out when you can. Gamers should also consider picking up the Steam Deck OLED for the best-looking handheld out right now.

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