Steam Link on Meta Quest adds brilliant VR game streaming for all

steam link meta quest vr
Credit: Meta/Steam

steam link meta quest vr
Credit: Meta/Steam

VR gaming just got a whole lot more accessible thanks to the Steam Link app, which lets players stream games on Meta Quest. The free app, which is approved by Meta and is also available on the Quest Store, will ensure that the Quest will have a ton of games to play with.

Available on Meta Quest 2, 3, and Pro, the Steam Link app will let players stream various VR games from Valve’s store. Hit titles like Half-Life: Alyx, previously only available on SteamVR, can now be streamed on a Meta Quest headset.

Luckily, it’s not just SteamVR games that can be streamed, as non-VR games can also be played on the Quest headset. With this option, players can enjoy games like Baldur’s Gate 3 and Marvel’s Spider-Man on their virtual screen.

The Meta Quest already had game streaming before, but having access to Steam games gives this headset even more value. Granted, players will need Steam and Steam VR installed on their PC, but that’s hardly a restraint considering their popularity. Overall, this is a major net positive and we’re sure most Quest owners will be getting the Steam Link app when they can.

If we’re being honest, the Meta Quest 3 definitely needs a boost from the Steam Link, since the VR headset is struggling a bit. Aside from being a niche part of gaming, most of the interest in VR seems to be linked to Apple’s Vision Pro.

Meta has admitted that they’re selling the Quest 3 at a loss, though they do still want that gaming audience. It’s probably why the Quest 3 actually had its price cut in various parts of the world, and this was before Black Friday popped up.

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Any VR users who already have Steam and SteamVR on their PCs can get the Steam Link app right now on their Quest headsets. Thankfully, the app will also be available on older models like the Quest 2, in addition to the recently-released Quest 3.

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