Steam officially lets you hide your shameful booby games

steam hides your booby games
Credit: XSEED Games

steam hides your booby games
Credit: XSEED Games

Steam has been home to some, uh, rather interesting games and Valve is finally letting their players buy these games privately. Valve has announced that players will be able to purchase games and immediately make them private, hiding any purchases most would consider a bit embarrassing.

An announcement on Steam confirmed that players will be able to mark their purchases as private, ensuring that their friends won’t see them purchase Senran Kagura or Onechanbara. Those with less shame can purchase these games without a care in the world, but letting others buy these discreetly is just fine.

Marking games as private is also a new future, which lets you hide your activity with these games from anyone in your friend group. No one will need to know how many hours you spent on Dead or Alive 6 just to ogle at Kasumi and Ayane. Luckily, you can also mark your games as private on your Steam library, so there’s always time to hide your shame.

“Starting today you’ll be able to mark specific games as private and they’ll disappear from anywhere they’d be viewed by someone other than you. That includes: your ownership, in-game status, playtime, and activity in that game,” said the statement. “This additional control allows you to keep most of your Steam Library visible to your friends, so they can see what you are playing and join in, yet also keep a few of those games just to yourself.”

This Steam feature was teased not too long ago and many gamers were quite happy with the news. While it’s easy enough to make jokes about what kind of games will be bought, this can also be done just to ensure privacy with whatever your favorite title is.

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Let’s hope that this feature ends up being a useful one for gamers, though others might not care about what others think of them. At the least, it should make our Steam libraries much more interesting from here on out.

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