Steam Deck Windows 11 support is optimised by AMD at system level

Valve’s upcoming PC gaming handheld, Steam Deck, is ready and willing to play games on Windows 10. However, with Windows 10 being quickly ditched for its upcoming successor, will Valve prioritise Steam Deck Windows 11 support?

The answer is a resounding, “Yes”. Despite the company's portable being primarily designed around Linux, Steam Deck Windows 11 support is a focus of the device. In fact, Valve is working very hard on making it perfect.

Steam Deck Windows 11 support is a focus

In an interview with PC Gamer, Steam Deck designer Greg Coomer revealed that Valve is working on Windows 11 support. The games company is partnering with APU creators AMD to make sure that everything runs smoothly on the handheld.

Coomer explained:

“There’s work looking at TPM just now... there’s nothing to indicate to us yet that there’ll be any issues with Windows 11.”

While Valve is working on supporting the upcoming operating system, it’s nowhere near perfect. At the moment, the company is working fully on perfecting support for the current Windows OS instead.

“We’ve focused so much on Windows 10, so far, that we haven’t really gotten that far into it. Our expectation is that we can meet that.”

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Why is this important?

Steam Deck Windows support is an important feature for Valve's upcoming PC portable. The upcoming handheld is designed primarily to run SteamOS 3.0, a Linux-based operating system. Backed by Proton, an interpreter that makes Windows games run on Linux, it's already a great offering.

However, Proton does not support every Windows title. Popular games like Apex Legends still don't run on the interpreter. Needless to say, perfect Windows support is needed for a flawless gaming experience.

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