Steam Deck VR support confirmed in Gabe Newell interview

Valve's first stab at a gaming handheld with Steam Deck has taken the internet by storm. The prospect of unlimited PC gaming on a tiny Switch-like portable is a mesmerising idea. However, with the potential of an unlocked PC experience, could we potentially see Steam Deck VR gaming?

In an interview with IGN, Steam President Gabe Newell confirmed just that. While not the main use of the upcoming device, Steam Deck VR support is certainly available. Just make sure you're safe when doing it.

Steam Deck VR is official

In the interview, Newell explained that Steam Deck is designed to take advantage of PC's openness. It's a device designed without a “Trojan horse”; nothing should make a user feel frustrated with the handheld.

Newell explained:

“Our view is that the openness of the PC ecosystem is the superpower that we all collectively benefit from. So, if you want to install the Epic Game Store on here, if you want t,  you know, run an Oculus Quest on it. Those things are... those are all great. Those are features, right? Yeah, that's what I want to hear as a gamer. I don't want to hear that somebody's got some trojan horse that's going to try to lock me down.
Whatever I want to do, if there's hardware I want to attach to it, if there's software I want to install. I can just go and go and do it and, you know, we think that's great.”

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What games can it run?

The Steam Deck's specs are no slouch. While VR gaming is often seen as a very intensive activity, not all VR games are. Newell's example of an Oculus Quest is a great example. Facebook's all-in-one VR headset is designed to play games without the need of a computer.

On paper, Steam Deck VR should eclipse on-board Oculus Quest VR. While it may not be capable of VR giant’s like Microsoft Flight Simulator, it should handle smaller games just fine. Pavlov, VR Chat, Skyrim VR and other titles should be great experiences. Essentially, if a base PS4 can handle it, Steam Deck VR should as well.

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