Stealth Ultra Turtle Beach controller lets you check messages while gaming, thanks to its dashboard gimmick

stealth ultra turtle beach controller dashboard
Credit: Turtle Beach/Xbox

Video game controllers have been very pricey in recent years, due to the amount of new technology seen in various current-gen models. Now, the new Stealth Ultra Turtle Beach controller for PC and Xbox continues that trend, costing $200 and having a dashboard screen for apps.

Readers didn’t misread that part, as IGN has confirmed that the dashboard screen is this controller’s major gimmick. Through the dashboard, players will be able to check their messages without having to pause the game and look at their phones.

It’s not just for checking messages either, as the dashboard in the Stealth Ultra Turtle Beach controller can also be used to remap buttons, change the RGB colors, and fix any possible dead zones. Despite the presence of RGB colors, players can also choose to turn that off and extend the controller’s life by 30 hours.

“The Stealth Ultra’s premium components, build quality, and features elevate it beyond any other controller in the market today, and firmly establishes it as the must-have controller for gamers who want the best,” said Turtle Beach Corporation interim CEO and senior vice president of global sales Cris Keirn.

The Stealth Ultra Turtle Beach controller
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Credit: Turtle Beach

Anti-drift analog sticks were also promised, as the issue has affected various current-gen controllers like the PlayStation’s 5 Dual Sense. Nintendo Switch fans are used to drift, as the company’s official joy-cons were lambasted early on for easily getting drift after a few months of play.

While the dashboard screen is nice, in theory anyway, this might not be the selling point for the Stealth Ultra Turtle Beach controller. Looking down at the dashboard and trying to read messages from WhatsApp could annoy players, so they might end up looking at their phones again. Still, it’s an interesting feature, just one that might not be revolutionary.

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Curious gamers can pick up the Stealth Ultra Turtle Beach controller during the holiday season, starting on December 15. The controller can be used on Xbox Series systems and PC.

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