Starfield's planets are accurately scaled

Starfield has accurately scaled planets character with white suit

Starfield has accurately scaled planets character with white suit

There's a never-ending stream of interesting information on Starfield lately, and what we've learned today is that the game will feature accurately scaled planets. This does not come from the developers, but from the rather active and creative subreddit dedicated to Starfield. If you're looking forward to explore Jupiter in just the right size, then Bethesda will definitely not disappoint.

Reddit user Nimbulan has reported how they measured the right size of the planets. They mention how they used Jupiter for reference and by using NASA's Solar System Simulator they looked at how large Jupiter appears from the surface and compared it to a screenshot from the game.

Nimbulan mentions that while the measurement is not 100% accurate, for obvious reasons, it seems that comparing NASA's image with that of Bethesda's game from the Direct, the two seem to basically match up well.

It is interesting to also look at the reactions of various users of the subreddit. Some of them claim to not be really interested in how realistic the planet size up, since the important thing is that the overall planets' life and habitable zones feel "right for the game".

Others even go as far as hoping that "they don't scale accurately, as that would be far less fun and visually appealing". Other users replied how, if one wants inaccurate simulations of space, there are plenty of titles already out there that seem to do just that. Like for example Freelancer, which is set on a plain grid.

Either way one thinks about it, it seems that Bethesda is doing some interesting work on making Starfield's universe not only interesting to explore, but also one that feels realistic compared to the real thing.

Once we'll get our hands on the game then we might be able to judge with a little more precision how accurate these recreations of the planets are. Either way, there will definitely be a lot of space to explore, so better keep those schedules clear.

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