Starfield's Colt M1911 proves the gun can't be stopped, even in space

starfield's colt m1911 ship in the background

starfield's colt m1911 ship in the background

If you know anything about video games, you know talk always comes back to Call of Duty's Zombies; if you know anything about guns, you know that the legendary Colt M1911 pistol has been used for over a hundred years and won't die. Now the two collide in upcoming Bethesda RPG Starfield.

A Reddit thread displaying an image of gameplay from the game sparked debate around the M1911 still being used in space, and what other vintage weapons the community can mod into the game when it releases in 2 months time.

"Cant wait for the StG 44 mod," says 'Bugslovecats'. OP Skud14 follows up this comment by saying "If the modding scene ends up anything like FO4, I predict that 75% of my plugin limit will be gun mods in a year or 2 from now."

The StG 44 talked about is a World War 2 assault rifle developed by the Germans and considered the first true assault rifle. It's largely what the infamous Soviet-made AK-47 was based on, too.

The StG 44 is, like the M1911, another vintage weapon often used in Call of Duty's zombies modes, which began with Call of Duty World at War. The M1911 meanwhile has been used by American armed forced since 1911 and saw service in both world wars and is still used here and there.

Of course, talk in the thread turns to space Nazis and all the other vintage World War 2-era equipment that can be added to the game to give it a Wolfenstein-esque feeling.

It's interesting to note that while Starfield is set in the future and has all kinds of futuristic arms, technology, and armour, players still just want to go back to their old fan-favourites.

Well, it's official - the Colt M1911 can't be killed.

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