Starfield Xbox Series X console looks like a fanboy’s dream

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Starfield Xbox Series X console looks like a fanboy’s dream man talking with hand on chin

Are you a fan of Starfield? Then you will most likely love this Starfield Xbox Series X console that a Reddit user has been working on. Of course, this console will go quite well together with the official (and gorgeous) Starfield Xbox joypad that we have already seen.

Starfield Xbox Series X console looks like a fanboy's dream
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Reddit user 'Wolfykurt' recently revealed the project he has been working on. He describes it as wanting "to theme my xbox to look like it was made in the Starfield universe". He's still working on the front details, so for the moment we only know what it looks like from the back.

Was it complicated to make? No, the Reddit user says, but the main issue is watching the temperatures. But, he says, that so far the design process has gone pretty smoothly, as there doesn’t appear to be issue with heating "as long as the vents aren’t being blocked".

The final design will clearly feature more color, along with stickers that will definitely make it pair quite well with that official Starfield Xbox joypad. We think that white and grey definitely look like good colours for the good ol' Series X.

Considering how good the game is shaping up to be, we think a themed Xbox should only be as gorgeous as Starfield is looking. We also know that Bethesda is planning to feature realistically sized planets, with only 10% having life on them while the others will be just there to be explored.

Will you like to also theme your Xbox Series X console after Starfield? Well then you are in luck, since the Reddit user also promised that they will share all details so you can also make your own. He's also been working for a Series S design. Now, the only thing that remains to be seen is: will someone want to apply a similarly attractive design also on the PlayStation 5? Pretty please?

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