Starfield lets players explore space but won't let them dive underwater

starfield wont let players dive underwater
Credit: Bethesda

starfield wont let players dive underwater
Credit: Bethesda

The excitement for Starfield continues to be at an all-time high, even with recent leaks spoiling some moments. Some of these leaks have revealed interesting tidbits about the RPG, like the fact that there’s no underwater diving.

One of the leakers recently hosted a Q&A on the Gaming Leaks and Rumors subreddit. When a fan asked about water planets, the leaker said there were none while also revealing that there wouldn’t be any underwater diving.

“No water planets. But if there were water planets you can't land on them and when you try to land on water it says can't land LOL. Also no diving underwater,” said the leaker.

Fans of Starfield are a bit disappointed with the news since diving underwater would have added even more immersion to the RPG. Considering how this has been a feature since Oblivion, removing this feature has proven to be quite the shocker.

However, some fans are pretty understanding about the move since they feel that Bethesda never did much with that feature. Some fans brought up a section in Fallout 4 that was notoriously underwater and is considered a low point in that game.

At the least, players will still be able to swim in small lakes, which isn’t saying much. We doubt players can get any excitement from simple strokes around a pool or two. Future mods can always change this, especially since Bethesda promised to support them.

Not being able to dive underwater can be considered a disappointment but there’s also so much to do in Starfield. Players will be able to ride a jetpack and shoot down enemies with all kinds of guns. Bethesda has also improved the stealth in this RPG, especially after how bad the feature was in other titles.

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Starfield is officially coming to Xbox Series and PC on September 6.

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