Starfield pre-orders infuriate PC gamers who don’t trust Bethesda

Starfield pre-orders infuriate PC gamers who don’t trust Bethesda

Starfield pre-orders infuriate PC gamers who don’t trust Bethesda

The “PC Master Race” is at it again, this time arguing over Starfield pre-orders by excited gamers. After massive disappointment from recent PC releases, the platform’s dedicated community believes that no one should be pre-ordering anything ever.

In a post on the PCMasterRace subreddit, hundreds of gamers took issue with the fact that Bethesda’s Starfield is already one of Steam’s Top Sellers. The sci-fi successor to Skyrim and Fallout 4, Bethesda’s new RPG is one of the most anticipated games of the generation.

With thousands of upvotes from self-minded PC gamers, the post claims that people have not “learned” their lesson from recent PC releases. With modern PC games like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and The Last of Us Part 1 having shocking PC ports, gamers are wary of upcoming ports to the platform.

Starfield’s PC port has already become the centre of controversy before the game’s release date. With Bethesda partnering with AMD, Starfield DLSS support is expected to be absent, giving less options to PC gamers while providing worse a far worse alternative.

However, while sheer numbers have supported the backlash against Starfield pre-orders, their voices have been overwhelmed by PC gamers that are still excited for Bethesda’s upcoming RPG. Despite the issues surrounding PC releases, fans have faith in Bethesda’s new game.

“Just a reminder that most people simply are just unaware of most gaming controversies and/or do not give a shit,” one commenter said. “Not everyone is on Reddit, many people just don’t care, and some of us are hypocrites,” reads another.

The vast majority of commentators that have pre-ordered Bethesda’s spacefaring RPG simply have faith in the company to provide a strong game that fans will enjoy for years to come. Those that don’t claim they’ll simply refund the game on Steam after two hours if they don’t gel with it. Keep in mind that Steam refunds only work if you purchase from Valve's platform, and third-party stores have their own policies if you haven't activated the code. Still, if you're willing to take the risk, pre-ordering the PC version from Fanatical nets you a neat discount.

With Xbox delaying Starfield for almost two years to polish the game up, fans do have faith that Bethesda will pull off its impressive RPG. Over the past two years, the game’s visuals have improved substantially, and more bug fixes have been implemented than any game the studio has made before. 

Starfield launches on PC and Xbox Series consoles on September 6th, 2023. Those who wish to play the game early on September 1st will have to fork out extra for the game’s Constellation Edition.

For those without a high-end PC or Xbox Series console, Starfield will also be playable through Xbox Cloud Gaming on PC, Xbox One and mobile.

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