Starfield players will be role-playing as Futurama's Zapp Brannigan

starfield players will be role-playing as futurama zapp brannigan

starfield players will be role-playing as futurama zapp brannigan

Brannigan's Law is like Brannigan's Love - hard and fast. Or at least it will be if you're playing Starfield any time soon.

Futurama fans have decided that they will be roleplaying through Bethesda’s upcoming sci-fi RPG as Zapp Brannigan, which might confuse and arouse many. The discussion was part of the game’s official subreddit when fans were talking about who they would roleplay as.

Naturally, many loved the idea of going through the game as Zapp, going on intergalactic adventures, and meeting hot alien babes. If players get their way with an alien woman, they must inform their men about it, though in this case, it’s just more message boards.

Of course, when players try to roleplay as Zapp in Starfield, they should know that every mission is a suicide mission. This means they have to make as many meatheaded decisions as possible, while also quietly struggling with the insecurities that come with this persona. All in all, it should be plenty of fun partaking in these missions as good ol’ Zapp.

Before anyone without a ship grabs a weapon and fires in the air, players should think about how the game will start out. Depending on the game’s intro, it might change how they play the game, at least until midway through when they have more freedom. Then again, we doubt players are here for part of a dinner and the first half of a movie, considering its length.

Players have been thinking about how they can twist and turn this game into their favorite sci-fi media ever since gameplay was unveiled. Some fans want to grow potatoes on Mars, like in The Martian. Others want to turn their ship into the Prometheus from the movie of the same name.

However, it seems that Futurama fans are willing to get lucky with an alien lady, even if that means going through her parents.

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Starfield will be coming to Xbox Series, Windows, and PC on September 6.

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