Starfield Navigator maps out the game’s massive universe before launch

Starfield Navigator maps out the game’s massive universe before launch

Starfield Navigator maps out the game’s massive universe before launch

You may be excited for Starfield, but probably not as excited as these fans. A team of insanely clever fans have created a Starfield Navigator, a fully 3D map of the sci-fi RPG game’s universe before its even been released.

Found here, the Starfield Navigator is an accurate recreation of the RPG’s universe, although some of it may be missing. The team behind the fully 3D star chart explains that they’ve properly placed around 75 of the game’s 100 star systems.

Using official Starfield gameplay footage, a quick six-second clip showed a large amount of the game’s universe. During this, the team realised that the game’s universe is partially based on our real universe, allowing them to start mapping out the virtual world.

Using pixel-tracking software and 3D reconstructions, the team was able to create an interactive map for fans to play with. However, the team behind the map warn that it’s not completely accurate.

For starters, new footage of Starfield gameplay that releases does show a number of name changes from real-world stars to fictional equivalents. Additionally, there are parts of the sci-fi game’s universe that are still not known, leaving the map incomplete.

Nevertheless, the Starfield Navigator is a fun tool to play around with and the team is readily updating the virtual map as more information gets released. If you want an easy, preliminary look at Starfield’s vast universe, this is the best you’re going to get before release.

Starfield Navigator is yet another look at just how impressive the game’s community is. Following the release of the Starfield Direct gameplay reveal, one fan created a Starfield Bible consisting of over 1,000 pages of in-depth information.

Bethesda Game Studios’ newest RPG finally releases on Xbox Series consoles and PC on September 6th. The game will also be playable through cloud streaming on Xbox One, PC and mobile with Xbox Game Pass.

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