Starfield mechs are unconfirmed, but fans want them anyway

starfield mechs are unconfirmed but fans want them anyway

starfield mechs are unconfirmed but fans want them anyway

Starfield is offering players a lot of freedom to explore space with its various spaceships. It turns out that there might be more vehicles to pilot, including giant mechs if players are lucky.

The recent Settled Systems animated shorts have fans buzzing about this game’s possible features, like owning an apartment. One of the shorts in particular, Where Hope is Built, reveals that one of the character’s parents were mech pilots.

Naturally, this got fans talking on the official Starfield subreddit, where many are foaming at the mouth over pilotable mechs. Although the feature hasn’t been confirmed by Bethesda, fans did note that it would make for perfect DLC.

DLC has already been confirmed for the game, as story expansions were mentioned in the various collector’s editions. Todd Howard also said Bethesda is working on additional content for the sci-fi RPG. Since he’s the only one in Bethesda allowed to talk about the game, we better listen.

Bethesda did previously state that there wouldn’t be playable ground vehicles in the game, due to the focus on starships. Mechs can be considered “ground vehicles” but that might not be the case. Plus, if they aren’t in the base game, fans are right about it being perfect for DLC.

With or without DLC, there’s a lot to be excited about with Starfield already. Fans love that the game’s ships can dock anywhere, from cargo ships to enemy fleets. Jetpacks also look like a fun way to kill some enemies, even if they might make combat a bit easier.

Fans have expressed their excitement for this RPG in loving and obsessive ways. One fan decided to make a 1000-page bible that documents everything about the game. Another fan has compiled all of the skills thus far into a custom-made skill tree.

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Starfield is coming to Xbox Series consoles and PC on September 6.

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