Starfield has the same can't shoot bug as Fallout 4

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Starfield has the same can't shoot bug as Fallout 4 Starfield character in space suit

We always expected Bethesda's new space RPG Starfield to have bugs and performance issues, but not the same ones that players encountered in Fallout 4.

Starfield has just released to the masses, and the subreddit is full of people both having a good time but also encountering bugs, imbalances, and issues. However, one bug in particular seems to have returned from Fallout 4 - the can't shoot your weapon bug.

Reported by user Ok-Pound, the bug stop you from firing your weapon at all. You are still able to use melee attacks, strangely, but as soon as you pull your gun out, you simply can't fire.

"I have this issue where I cant shoot any of my guns but I can use melee weapons," says the Redditor. "For the guns: I have ammo, they are reloaded, I am not in scan mode, I am in a hostile zone, tried shooting everywhere and everything, tried changing the keybind for mouse1 (shoot)."

Ok-Pound's in-game gun "wiggles" a little spamming causes the animation to trigger, so it is recognising their inputs. And judging by all of the fixes they've tried, it seems very unlikely to be user error.

"Literally had this bug in FO4." fellow Reddit user MagicMike2212 comments. Fallout 4 launched almost a decade again, and one member of Stealth Optional also encountered the can't shoot bug in Fallout 76, so it's not related to any single game.

In fact, this highlights the issues surrounding Bethesda's game engines always being largely the same. While Starfield uses Creation Engine 2, it is still essentially an upgraded version of what went before, warts and all, and it shows that its creaking under the weight of what went before.

We'll be monitoring the bug situation as more and more players sink their teeth into the game ahead of next week's full launch.

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