Starfield fans want to kill enemies in the most sci-fi way possible

Starfield fans want to kill enemies in the most sci-fi way possible

Starfield fans want to kill enemies in the most sci-fi way possible

Fans of Bethesda Game Studios’ upcoming sci-fi RPG Starfield are excited to take out enemies in the most hype way possible. Taking a page out of Alien’s book, Starfield fans are excited to blow foes out of the airlock.

In a post on the game’s unofficial subreddit, fans discussed the possibility of opening spaceship airlocks in order to suck enemies out of their vessels. While this feature has not been confirmed by Bethesda, fans are hoping that the developer’s history of physics interactions and simulations will let them live out their sci-fi dream.

“Anyone else hope we can send someone to the airlock, then open it, sending them to their demise in space?” one Starfield fan asked. “There is definitely a lot of visual influence from Interstellar, and this was a joke close to the beginning that would be funny to incorporate.”

Commenters explained that Starfield’s complex gravity mechanics used in boarding enemy ships could mean that airlock-opening can be properly simulated in the upcoming RPG.

“My copium fuelled brain wishes that it is possible,” one commenter said. “We see that they can simulate gravity on the fly when boarding other ships, who knows maybe they can also incorporate pressurization.”

However, while many are excited to see if they will be able to dynamically blow enemies out of spaceship airlocks, they’re also wary of the game not allowing them to do this. Following on from the lack of simulation found in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76, many believe that Starfield will only have airlock deaths included as canned animations.

Nevertheless, we’re optimistic that Starfield will allow us to blast people out of the airlock and into the cold expanse of space. With the game being so deep in its simulations as to require a periodic table of elements to understand its resource management, we should expect that this feature will be included. If not, it’ll be one of the first and best Starfield mods we’ll ever see.

Other space games have allowed you to open airlocks in order to take out foes. For example, the constantly in-development Star Citizen even allows you to blast yourself out of the airlock for some fun and games.

Starfield releases on Xbox Series and PC on September 6, although Constellation Edition owners can play five days early. The game will also be playable via the cloud on Xbox Game Pass on PC, mobile and Xbox One.

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