Starfield fans beg for apartments on different planets across the cosmos

starfield fans beg for apartments on different planets across the cosmos

starfield fans beg for apartments on different planets across the cosmos

The recent Starfield: Settled Systems animated shorts have given fans a glimpse of the possible lifestyles in this game. However, fans now want even more gameplay mechanics, asking to have apartments on various planets, as the shorts made them look really cozy.

After the release of these Settled Systems videos, fans quickly went to the game’s subreddit to talk about getting apartments. Players are currently entrapped with the idea of doing menial tasks across space such as buying an apartment, an impossibility in real life for many of us.

Luckily, Bethesda games are known for having housing for players, so these kinds of apartments might actually be possible. Whether apartments can be placed in any part of the cosmos or are restricted to specific planets isn’t known yet.

Expect to have different places to live in, as Starfield has promised fans plenty of freedom. Some of us figured that players would be living on their ship, which might be an option given how bad the game’s economy is.

Fans have talked about roleplaying as characters from sci-fi media before, so roleplaying as successful human beings makes plenty of sense. While it’s a bit mundane, the idea of having a mundane life in space has some charm, given how big the galaxy is.

Only time will tell if players can have a chill life in Bethesda’s sci-fi RPG. Apartments are nice and all but combat is expected to play a major part in this gameplay loop, at least early on. With various sci-fi guns and jetpacks at play, transitioning to apartment life might throw players for a loop.

Whether it’s for chill vibes or space battles, the hype surrounding Starfield is at an all-time high. Fans are doing everything they can to learn about the game, making 1000-page bibles and skill trees. Some fans also want to skip work and spend less time with family just to play the game.

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Starfield is coming to Xbox Series and PC on September 6.

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