Starfield fans are determined to create the Prometheus ship

starfield fans are determined to create the prometheus ship

starfield fans are determined to create the prometheus ship

It seems that Starfield fans want to recreate more sci-fi media in the game, now wanting to recreate the Prometheus from, well, Prometheus. This Alien prequel still has its fair share of fans and we’re interested in seeing if they can pull this off.

JMurker315 from the game’s subreddit feels that recreating the Prometheus is very plausible in Bethesda’s RPG. The user points out how its interior is already very NASA-based, making it more possible than other sci-fi ships. Many seem to agree, claiming if any ship can be recreated in the game it’s this one.

“Of all the ships people post this is the one we can probably get somewhat close too. We already know we have landing gear similar to this and the main body/cockpit area is also somewhat similar to the starting ship,” says WarViper1337.

“The "default" ship you see a lot in marketing material for Starfield looks a lot like this ship, no doubt it will be a fairly simple thing to make,” says Elanzer.

“If only we could recruit Idris Elba as our pilot,” hilariously said by Valcrye.

Starfield is set to have plenty of mod support, so recreating this and other sci-fi ships should be fun for players. Many players are also looking forward to recreating scenery from The Martian and we imagine more sci-fi properties will be rife for recreating.

Considering how the game is inspired by a ton of sci-fi media, getting to recreate a ton of them is more than appropriate. Hopefully, the game’s main story is worth playing through, as some players will just want to blaze through it. Then again, it’s clear that hardcore Bethesda fans just want to keep exploring and testing the limits of the game’s freedom.

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After many years of waiting, we’re finally going to get Starfield on Xbox Series and PC this September 6. Let’s hope that the overall package lives up to expectations, even if its “only” at 30 FPS.

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