Starfield fan spends 200 hours compiling all of the game’s skills

starfield fan spends 200 hours compiling all of the games skills

starfield fan spends 200 hours compiling all of the games skills

Starfield is a few months away but fans are already preparing how they’re going to play the game. One fan went as far as to spend 200 hours piecing together the game’s skill tree, based entirely on footage and previews.

The user in question posted their findings in the game’s subreddit, providing images and links to show off their investigation. If the post wasn’t impressive enough, the user also provided a 44-page Google doc compiling the evidence and breaking down each skill.

Like other Bethesda RPGs, players will earn skill points when they level up in Starfield. These can be used to gain new skills in the game or have better attributes. Like other games, players will need to strategically use these points in order to get the best skills and build.

A Starfield fan compiles all of the game's skills in this Reddit post.
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Credit: asd8dhd (Reddit)

Skills are seemingly divided into four tiers: Novice, Advanced, Expert, and Master. Players will need at least 16 skill points in order for skills to go from Novice to Master. That’s dependent on the skill, as some might ask for more. It’s going to take a lot of time to make the best build but that’s what fans want.

Fans are aware that this game is going to take a lot of their time, which is why some planned vacation days just to play it. Bethesda games still offer players an incredible amount of freedom that other games can’t, no matter how buggy they are.

Once again, this shows just how dedicated the Starfield fandom is to finding out more about the game. Another user made a 1000-page bible that details everything about the game from pre-release, interviews, and the recent gameplay showcase.

Microsoft is aware of just how much fans love this game. The Starfield Direct and Xbox Games Showcase was the company’s most-viewed online show ever. Based on the positive reception thus far, it’s good that Microsoft delayed it for polish after the game was initially completed.

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Starfield is finally coming to Xbox Series and PC on September 6.

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