Starfield fan creates 400-page game bible for Bethesda’s unreleased RPG

starfield fan creates 400-page game bible
Credit: Bethesda

starfield fan creates 400-page game bible
Credit: Bethesda

A hardcore Bethesda fan has decided to make a 400-page long document about Starfield, even though the game isn’t out yet. It just goes to show how much hype can carry a title, especially since the Elder Scrolls developer still has a hardcore fanbase that are rabid for new games.

Bethesda superfan Gokamo posted his 400-page long Google Doc about the upcoming RPG. Apparently, Gokamo was inspired to do this due to his experience with Bethesda games and, presumably, a ton of free time.

Despite Bethesda revealing so little about Starfield, Gokamo was able to divide this into chapters for fans to read. The fact that this fan dedicated so much time to a video game that hasn’t even come out yet is commendable, intriguing and — honestly — mind-blowing.

Gokamo’s 400-page document goes over every little detail from everything the company has dripfed us. From the details on satellites to planets that are barely visible, curious fans are in for a long, if somewhat padded, read.

Admittedly, there is some self-awareness from Gokamo, for whatever good that does. In the intro he writes “God help me” in regards to the Google Doc. There’s even a section that says “why type all this,” and his answer isn’t exactly satisfactory.

That being said, it’s not like the fan hurt anyone talking about Starfield, so they shouldn’t be mocked for making this document. If they found it fulfilling then good for them, though here’s hoping Gokamo doesn’t do the same for Elder Scrolls 6, whenever that game comes out.

Even with this massive documentary from Gokamo, the game remains a mystery to most of us. Bethesda has released a few gameplay trailers but all they’ve done is tell us that it’s Fallout in space. Granted, that’s enough for most gamers since Bethesda has made two good Fallout games, but it doesn’t sell the game to people who don’t like Fallout.

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Starfield will come out sometime this year on Xbox Series and PC, after being delayed from its original November 2022 date.

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