Starfield docking system lets you land your ship anywhere

starfield docking system lets you land your ship anywhere
Credit: Bethesda

starfield docking system lets you land your ship anywhere
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield has promised fans near-limitless freedom and that statement seems to hold true for your spaceship. Fans have discovered that they can dock their ship almost anywhere, opening up more possibilities.

A post from the game’s subreddit shows that players can dock in enemy ships, stranger ships, star yards, and more. The limits of where your ship can be docked haven’t been shown but gamers will want to test that.

There are players who are worried that docking might just be a quick cutscene based on the game’s trailer. Even if that is the case, taking part in battles to protect or steal ships is enticing fans.

“Be nice if there's like.. an EMP or something I can use to make ships dead 'in the water', and then board them using this,” says Wayob.

“I really wasn't expecting to be able to dock and capture enemy ships,” chimed in ConfiscatedMotive. “And the fact that you go about it nearly the same exact way they do in The Expanse is def something I'm looking forward to.”

“Be cool if we could be docked by an invading crew, and be able to take off while they are in the process of crossing over, just to watch them get ripped out into space,” says GhoulslivesMatter.

We already got confirmation about invading other ships in Starfield, so docking on them does make sense. Many fans are hoping that the AI can do the same so they can partake in battles for these ships. If enemies can dock on your ship, that can add a lot of tension while traveling.

Hopefully, Bethesda can nail the landing of Starfield when it comes out later this year. Despite plenty of excitement, even the most hardcore Bethesda fans know the company has fumbled their games at launch.

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Starfield is coming to Xbox Series and PC on September 6.

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