Starfield: Constellation Edition pre-orders are being canceled by Walmart

starfield constellation edition pre-orders canceled by walmart

starfield constellation edition pre-orders canceled by walmart

Not everyone who pre-ordered the Starfield: Constellation Edition is going to get it. Many fans are in uproar over Walmart canceling their pre-orders of this collector’s item with little to no explanation.

One fan posted about their abrupt cancelation on Reddit, as they were given their refund from Walmart out of the blue. While some fans pointed out that this mistake could be amended, most agreed that this was likely a cancelation of the order.

Another fan posted about a similar Walmart experience but it was much sadder. This user saw that their order was canceled and called customer service, who assured them that it was still coming. Sadly, they later received an email, text, and call confirming that they wouldn’t be getting it after all.

A user on Reddit complains about their copy of Starfield getting canceled.
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Credit: Senior-Remote-840 (Reddit)

Collector’s editions of games tend to sell out quickly and it seems the same thing happened with the Starfield: Constellation Edition. Either Walmart didn’t process all of the orders properly, a bug happened, or they weren’t able to secure the amount of copies demanded.

Sadly, this happens a lot with collector’s editions of video games. It wouldn’t be too surprising to see some of these pop up on eBay with a massive increase in price. Unsurprisingly, scalpers are partly responsible for this as they’ve purchased a number of the Constellation Editions just to sell them again.

For those curious, the Constellation Edition of Bethesda’s RPG has unique physical goodies like a Steelbook, Constellation Patch, Chronomark Watch, and a special case to carry it all. Digital extras include five days of early access to the game, the first story expansion, and DLC skins for your created character.

This adds to some of the negative feelings some fans have had towards Starfield. Gamers have complained about the game’s UI and are worried about how Bethesda will handle the launch, given their track record.

Admittedly, those are small niggles compared to having pre-orders canceled for unknown reasons. Not to mention the scalpers who are making a quick buck over this.

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Starfield is coming to Xbox Series and PC on September 6.

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