Starfield Constellation Edition is the latest target of scummy scalpers

starfield constellation edition an astronaut looking at a planet

starfield constellation edition an astronaut looking at a planet

You know those scalper scoundrels who turn up to every gaming launch and ruin it for the whole community? Well, they're hard at work on the Starfield launch already, sucking up all the collector's editions and charging an arm and a leg for them on eBay.

Numerous Reddit threads have already popped up to voice players' annoyances at scalpers hoarding the Starfield Constellation Edition, which comes with a real watch and watch case, as well as a bunch of other Starfield-related paraphernalia.

User 'eeedg3ydaddies' started one thread in which they post images of listings of the space game's pre-order listings on eBay that range from $400 to $700. The major problem being that the Constellation Edition is a limited run intended for Bethesda fans, so the scalpers have played a major part on making the sought-after edition go out of stock at many major retailers.

In a genius move, however, Reddit denizen 'KingKandyOwO' reminded the Starfield community that they can - and should - report scalpers for violating eBay's terms of service.

"eBay’s TOS states you cannot sell pre-order items outside of the 30 day window it takes for the buyer to get the product (screenshot of he presale doctoring in the second picture). Leave these scalpers with their pre-orders and no way to sell them."

Bethesda fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of Starfield, especially after it saw delay after delay, which pushed its release date back years. So it's no wonder that players want to get their hands on the fancy edition of the game.

Scalpers hoarded as many PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles as possible when they launched in 2020, causing already limited stocks to run out super fast, and it took years for the next-gen consoles to appear regularly on store shelves.

Scalpers suck.

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