Starfield console mods are still unconfirmed, but fans crave them

Starfield console mods are still unconfirmed, but fans crave them

Starfield console mods are still unconfirmed, but fans crave them

Bethesda Game Studios’ massive sci-fi RPG Starfield will undoubtedly be a huge modding platform for PC gamers. However, at the time of writing, Starfield console mods have yet to be confirmed, leaving fans confused.

On Xbox One and PS4, Bethesda made sure to bring the modding experience to consoles with Fallout 4 and Skyrim: Special Edition. Using the Creation Club platform, modders could bring their mods to console players.

Currently, there is no news on whether or not Starfield will have access to the Creation Club on Xbox consoles. Despite the huge success of mods on console for Bethesda’s prior games, Starfield console mods have yet to be announced.

In a post on Reddit, fans of Starfield urged Bethesda to bring console mods back for Starfield. However, they also want the developer to lean off on some of the restrictions that were found in the original Creation Club service.

The majority of commenters hoped that Starfield console mods would have a larger file size limit for mods on Xbox. While Skyrim and Fallout 4 allowed new assets to be introduced into the Xbox version of the games, there was a limit of 5GB or 150 mods.

“I’m still praying there’s no arbitrary size limit, meaning you can’t download anything significant,” one commenter said. “I hate it so much on Xbox with Skyrim. I eat up over two thirds of my mod space just with texture mods which leaves me with so little for other things I want in there,” said another.

Some more pessimistic comments worry that Starfield console mods will be restricted in order to sell more DLC to Game Pass users. With Skyrim: Special Edition, Bethesda did use the platform to sell mods to users in the form of backpack mechanics, fishing, survival modes and other mods.

Starfield mods will be available close to launch, but there’s no current release date for the game’s modding tools. While the best Starfield mods will take a while to be made, we do hope that they will be available on console.

Bethesda’s Starfield launches on September 6th, unless you purchase the expensive Deluxe and Constellation Editions. If you do buy the more expensive versions, you’ll be able to play on September 1st.

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