Starfield and Skyrim are buggy because Bethesda takes risks, says Bethesda

starfield and skyrim are buggy because bethesda takes risks
Credit: Bethesda

starfield and skyrim are buggy because bethesda takes risks
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield is another Bethesda game and that means it probably has a myriad of bugs if players look for them. While this Xbox exclusive is a little less buggy than most Bethesda games, there are still a few and Pete Hines defends them, somewhat.

In an interview with, Hines said that the bugs prevail in Bethesda games because the company takes more risks. Hines does admit that they could make “safer” titles with fewer issues but feels that the amount of freedom players get is worth the bugs.

"Of course there are bugs. But does it take away from your experience? Or do you have a consistent, fun game that you just can't stop playing and experimenting with?" said Hines.

The Bethesda head isn’t completely wrong here, as most fans of the company have embraced these issues. Obviously, there are players who want a more refined experience with Starfield, but when you consider what can be done with the game, these issues are worth it.

Prior to its release, Bethesda and Microsoft were adamant about making this game as bug-free as possible. Well, as bug-free as a Bethesda game can be, at the very least. The company has gained a reputation for these bugs and glitches, though most fans have come to accept it.

Skyrim, one of Bethesda’s most popular games, is incredibly buggy but fans still love it for the adventure. That’s why fans keep buying the RPG when it gets re-released, no matter how many horses fall through the ground.

Microsoft knew about this when purchasing the company, as they actually mandated more work be done with Starfield. Apparently, the base game was essentially complete but Microsoft wanted more development time for fewer bugs. While the game is still a bit buggy, it’s clear that fans are enjoying the RPG for what it is.

Funnily enough, an update for the Early Access version of the game showed just how many bugs were still in Starfield before launch. That’s typical of Bethesda but we’re sure fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Starfield is now available for Early Access on Xbox Series and PC, while everyone else can get it on September 5.

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