Starfield AMD partnership gives us one of the worst PC specs sheets ever released

starfield amd partnership worst pc specs sheets ever
Credit: Bethesda

starfield amd partnership worst pc specs sheets ever
Credit: Bethesda

The partnership between Starfield and AMD continues to be the worst, giving fans horrible PC specs they shouldn’t have to follow. Normally, companies would tell fans the minimum and maximum requirements to play the game but this partnership just gave us an advertisement for AMD hardware.

On the specs sheet, all that’s listed to play the game are the minimum and maximum specs for AMD computers. players only have the choice of 4K, “1440K” (an obvious typo), and 1080p for AMD hardware, denying all other hardware such as Nvidia GPUs, Intel CPUs and Intel ARC graphics cards.

Fans are pretty angry about this, tweeting about how useless and anti-informative the specs feel. While we can understand the need to have a sponsor, actual information to get the sci-fi RPG running would be much better.

“The Starfield Recommended Specs are some of the most useless spec sheets I have ever seen - perhaps even anti-informative. What the hell?” said Digital Foundry technical analyst Alex Battalgia on his Twitter account @Dachsjaeger.

“whats 1440pK lmao,” mocked YouTuber Modern Vintage Gamer.

“This is what you get when marketing decides the system requirements!” says @sjake333.

At the least, this won’t be a problem for Xbox Series users, since players simply have to put on a disc or wait for the download. However, Starfield is expected to have a massive PC audience and expecting most of them to get expensive AMD PCs is pretty unethical. Gamers are already going to spend $70 on the game, do they have to spend more on computers?

AMD's partnership is damaging in more ways than one. The partnership means Starfield won't be supporting DLSS, which is important for other brands like Nvidia. Seeing the game get even more limited is pretty bad since it's already exclusive to Xbox.

It’s a shame seeing these PC specs because most fans are still excited to play this game, even on PC. Hopefully, the folks at Bethesda and Xbox decide to release actual specs for those that are planning to play on lower-end PCs. Just because people want to make the Prometheus in-game doesn’t mean they have to build a PC stronger than one.

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Fans will be able to get Starfield on Xbox Series and PC on September 6. Hopefully, actual PC specs will be revealed so that most gamers will be able to play this cool-looking sci-fi RPG.

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