Star Wars The Old Republic Galactic Season 6 delivers Ahsoka-inspired armour and more

Prime Centurion Armor with Gothic Master Dualsaber in The Old Republic MMO
Credit: EA

Prime Centurion Armor with Gothic Master Dualsaber in The Old Republic MMO
Credit: EA

New updates for our beloved MMOs are always exciting times, letting you dive into some new content and get back to grinding. Star Wars The Old Republic is no stranger to updates, but after 12 years of service, The Old Republic is finally getting a must-have feature.

Despite Star Wars The Old Republic switching from Bioware after years of the veteran RPG studio creating content for the MMO set in the galaxy far, far away, the game is still going very strong. And fortunately, the latest update brings Galactic Season 6, also called 'Building a Foundation' to the game.

Announced via the Star Wars The Old Republic website, Game Update 7.4.1 is now live and ready for players to download, granting access to the latest Galactic Season reward track with plenty of excellent items to unlock, which you earn as you progress and unlock the new Copero Stronghold.

However, one of the biggest features for the RPG lovers in all of us is finally arriving with the new update. For those of you who have managed to beat the early stumbles of a relationship and partnered with Lana Beniko, Arcann, Koth Vortena, or Theron Shan can experience weekly 'Date Nights', companion missions that are repeatable and let you grow your bond with your personal interest.

Of course, there's other interesting things to find in the update too. The Cartel Market has been stocked up with some new armours and more inspired by the Disney+ show, Ahsoka, giving you some exciting new options to customise your character. Well, if you're going on a date, you'll definitely want to look your best.

There's a bunch of other changes included in the Star Wars The Old Republic patch notes, so expect some nice Quality of Life updates and bug fixes as well as the rest of the new content above. But we all know the Date Nights is what you're most excited for.

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